Hey there!

My name is Mama Cat, most people call me Kitty... I don't like that too much, but I deal with it.

Yesterday, the human that I allow to live here left some books out in the open, so throughout the day, I learned how to create the web page things. All I have to say is "Try typing with these paws"

Anyhow, you have to admit that this page is pretty good for my 15 minutes of work. Below you will find a photographic journal of my adventures today. Enjoy my page! If you would like to contact me, please send email to: mamacat@exit-the-plane.com

This morning, when that human that lives here woke me up, I once again had to run full speed to the great entrance. This is a mystical place that seems to allow humans to walk through, but I can't seem to ever make it. Usually there are mean, scary monsters out there, so I have to scare them off before the human gets here. The humans must be protected. They provide food.

This is me making sure that the monsters are out of the back yard.



Within seconds of the last monster being scared off, the human came down my stairs and went to make coffee. He walked over to me, took my camera, wondering just how it got to where I put it, then went away mumbling a bunch of strange human talking sounds..

This is me considering killing the human, for messing with MY camera, but my food dish was almost empty, so I allowed him to live for a while.


Here is another picture of me. (taken by the human) It's my "scare the monsters far, far away look". It is very effective.


Finally, the human left the house, now it is time for me to take a nap. It's about time. If they only knew how much hard work goes into the work of a cat...

This is my staircase. Sometimes, I let my human come up here. It's where I go to take my naps.


Ahhhhh... The earth is a different color up here. More comfy too... ZZZZZZzzzzzzz



I hate it when humans sneak up on me when I pee in my potty. Those damn humans just wont let me be...


Well, I hope you have enjoyed this stroll through a day in the life of Mama Cat. Stay tuned, I may get bored again, and make another page... Don't forget to email me!